Detention is the Best Bar in Chicago

Our fans will agree that Detention is one of the best bars Chicago has to offer! Our 5500 square foot establishment has a high school detention theme complete with blue painted brick walls, chalk boards, and a rock maple floors. Our DJ’s spin the latest top 40 mashup, and house music and they keep the music blasting all night long to keep you up and dancing! Our atmosphere is full of positive and fun loving energy. We make sure that everyone has a good time.

Whether you are looking for bottle service or just a good time we have plenty of space for everyone.  If you are interested in bottle service we have 3 VIP areas, 2 elevated off the dance floor near the DJ booth and 1 is the entire 2nd floor balcony that seats 40 over looking both the dance floor and outside to Division Street. From all of our VIP areas you can look out over the dance floor and see all of the action including the 5 dancer poles located throughout the dance floor. Detention’s dance floor is 3000 square feet the largest in the Gold Coast, plenty of room to get your groove on. The dancing experience has never been better than at Detention, our laser show and mechanical lights combined with our house beats really make it a night that you’ll always remember!

Join us at Detention for the Best Bar Experience in Chicago

Come on down tonight to Detention the best bar in  Chicago. Bring some friends and be a big shot book a VIP Couch and Bottle service.