What is the best Gold Coast bar? There are so many great bars and clubs in the Gold Coast neighborhood, but there is only one Detention. Detention is one of the premier night clubs in Chicago, and is the best night club in the Gold Coast. Other bars and clubs try to compete with Detention, but only Detention offers premium service, great music, and a beautiful staff to get the party started and keep it going all night long.

Why is Detention the best Gold Coast bar? Of all the Gold Coast bars, Detention is 5,500 square feet and can accommodate 350 people on two floors, the dance floor alone is 3,000 square feet the largest in all of the Gold Coast. If you like to dance Detention is the club for you with our state of the art sound and laser/mechanical light system our DJ’s will keep your dancing until the wee hours of the morning. DJ’s spin the best top 40 mashup, dance and house music.

Detention the Best Gold Coast Bar and Night Club

Who is the target audience of Detention? Anyone and everyone 21 years of age and older is welcome to party the night away at Detention. We attract a mix of young professionals and service industry people looking to dance to great music and enjoy affordable cocktails. If you are looking for a table reservation and bottle service we have 3 separate VIP areasĀ  – 2 elevated above the dance floor near the DJ Booth and 1 encompassing the entire 2nd floor balcony overlooking both the entire nightclub and out on to Division Street

What are the hours of operation for Detention? Detention is open during the week from 10pm to 4am and on Saturday from 10pm to 5am. There are a lot of night clubs and bars in the Gold Coast neighborhood, but no matter what, there will always only be one Detention. Stop by to have some fun.