Division Street is famous for its history of a late-night, paint the town red, and overall good times for all spirit. Apparently, the Gold Coast neighborhood that hosts this iconic strip has somehow got itself into trouble somehow. Many patrons that formerly roamed the streets shopping, eating, and barhopping are now serving Detention – or more accurately, Detention is serving them. The newest addition to the popular neighborhood, Detention is quickly attracting a huge following – and not from students chewing gum in class either.

Detention the Best Gold Coast Night Club

Quick to establish itself as the best Gold Coast night club, Detention sets itself apart from the competition in every way imaginable. It is clear that Chi-Town locals and visitors to the Gold Coast have become bored with the standard night club or party bar environment. Fortunately, this boredom is, oddly enough, resolved at Detention, located at 9 West Division Street. What draws people to this club and makes it so popular though? The answer to that question may very well be a strict adherence to having a specific theme, but not clinging to it in desperation.

While maintaining the interior decor of an after school detention hall turned fun, that is a fraction of the success. Fact is, Detention offers party-goers exactly what they want: space to dance and a variety of musical styles, several VIP rooms – one of which has not just bottle service, but can cater to up to forty people, with a balcony that allows onlookers to look up with both intrigue and jealousy, fun decor and design that includes 5 stripper poles throughout the club, even at the bar, and attractive staff that are sure to catch your eyes. The real kicker, so to speak, is the patrons themselves. It seems as though the Gold Coast had been silently begging for a true upscale nightclub. One that prepared to have high-energy, fashionable, and cultured patrons. Any club or bar can have provide top-shelf liquor – what Detention has provided is a place for top-shelf customers to play.