If you are looking for an incredibly attractive cocktail waitresses, dancers, and bartenders in Chicago, to go along with your drinks and dancing, look no further than Detention, the night club located on Division street. This club has everything you want in a dance club, including a bar top that serves as a dance floor, not to mention the five different stripper poles both the waitstaff, dancers and patrons are free to use at any time of the night.

While at Detention, which is designed to look similar to what your old after school detention hall looked like, with blue walls and rock maple flooring to give the club to give a high school gym feeling. The waitstaff, while providing you with cocktails, also dances on the bar and uses the poles while moving around the club. The waitstaff also occasionally dresses in naughty old school girl uniforms, to complete the theme of detention. Only thankfully you aren’t going to get into trouble when you dance at one of the stripper poles or drink in class.

Detention Night Club has the Hottest Bar Staff in Chicago

Detention is open from 10pm until 4am during the week and 10pm to 5am on Saturdays, so you have plenty of time to get all your work done when you enter Detention, plus this is sure to be unlike any detention hall you have ever stayed in. And more than likely, you’ll have so much fun you’ll probably want to be sent back to Detention the very next week. Plus with the three different VIP sections in the club, you are sure to find a different seat, no matter how many times you are sent to Detention.