When you want to enjoy a great night of entertainment and look at beautiful people, all you have to do is find your way to Detention night club and bar. The music is great and the fun never stops as you enjoy drinks being served by the best looking bartenders in Chicago. Enjoy a drink while sitting at the bar watching our personnel serve drinks, interact with customers and just look good.

Once you finish admiring the staff for a few minutes you can enjoy a 3000 square foot dance floor and move to the sounds of top 40 mashup, house and dance music. The music continuously changes throughout the night and early into the morning hours. If you want to continue with a little more people watching there are 5 stripper poles throughout the club and each dancer is trained to perfection.

Detention has the Hottest Bartenders in Chicago

There is a VIP area where the balcony that overlooks the dance floor. There are two other VIP areas near the dance floor so you can make your way through the crowd and move to the sound of the music at any time. Decorated in an after school detention theme the blue walls and rock maple flooring with cocktail waitresses dressed wearing naught catholic school girl uniforms will take you to another time when you were a bad boy or girl. Enjoy your fun at the Detention club from the moment the doors open until you fall into your own bed just before the sunrise.