For the best night club in Chicago, one shouldn’t look any further than Detention located at 9 West Division Street. No, not the one you remember from school with rules such as no talking, sit still, and no horse playing, but the one that breaks all the rules with the 3,000 square foot dance floor, 20 foot ceilings, and 3 private VIP areas full of naughty schoolgirls who skipped class and need a little private tutoring.

Join us at Detention the Best Nite Club in Chicago

With top 40 mashup, hip hop, dance, and house music blaring from wall to wall, the only place to be during the week and on Saturdays is Detention, sipping exotic cocktails, playing the part of Mr. Principal to the hottest lineup of exotic females since your high school cheerleading team. In fact, the entire club embodies the theme of a detention hall resembling a high school gymnasium, with state of the art sound, a lighting and laser show, and 5 stripper dance poles, 2 on top of the main bar. The Detention Night Club brings you that much more closer to reliving those fantasies you had while daydreaming in biology class.

In addition to the high end facility, The detention’s atmosphere is what distinguishes this club from others making it the best nite club experience in Chicago. Fantasy meets reality within these walls of discipline. You’re long overdue for a trip to what I prefer to call the Principals Office, the V.I.P balcony overlooking the entire dance floor. So go ahead, indulge your inner bad-ass. Visit Detention. We are open during the week from 10 pm to 4 am and on Saturdays from 10 pm to 5 am. Click here for table reservations and bottle service.