Join Us At Detention on Division Street

It’s Friday night and you’re looking for fun. You can find that fun when you make your way to Detention on Division Street. There is great music, great lights, a great laser light show, dancing and drinks. The party is on from the moment you walk in the door until last call at 4 am on Friday and Saturday morning and 5 am on Sunday morning.

When the music starts to play and you cannot sit still any longer, enjoy the 3000 square foot dance floor as you groove from one side of the dance floor to another. It is the place to show off your stuff and find a match to your own unique personality. There is not another club in the country like this one and you will never forget the experience of the Detention on Division Street once you have discovered it.

Detention the Alternative to the Same-Old Division Street Bar

Open on Thursday and Friday from 10pm to 4am. On Saturday night it opens at 10pm and the doors do not close until 5am the next morning. You can move to the sounds of house music or enjoy hip hop or top 40 mash up. There is a music choice for every taste and style. If you like to people watch then this is the club of choice. This club makes being bad a fun experience. You’ll want to get in trouble so you can be sent to Detention again and again. Stop by Detention and enjoy the awesome dance floor on Division Street anytime Thursday-Friday, 10pm to 4am, or Saturday, 10pm to 5am. Click here to book a VIP table reservation today!