Get VIP Treatment at Detention!

If you are looking for a great VIP night club in Chicago, Detention is the place. Located in the Gold Coast on Division Street, this place has everything. I’ve gone here a few times with my buddies, and we always have a great time.

I don’t ever remember detention being like this when I was in high school. If detention in high school had girls like this club has, I would have gotten into trouble every day. Let me tell you a little about Detention. First of all, it’s got a floor that looks just like the gym in my old high school. The walls are all painted blue, again, just like my old high school. But nobody really cares about that. Let me tell you about the girls. Detention has some really hot babes. They’re all dressed in these really skimpy little outfits. I mean they are really hot. Drinks are great and the music is really cool, but let me tell you about the girls. Did I mention that they are really hot?

With great music, affordable drinks, and all the hottest waitresses in town, what more could you ask for? The place is pretty big—more than 5,500 square feet, 3 VIP sections, 2 on the main floor close to the dance floor and the stripper poles and one upstairs overlooking both the action on Division street and the dance floor.  Detention also has the best sound, laser, and light system in the Gold Coast. Resident DJs include DJs Gordo, Sean Strange, Trentino and Rock City and the music varies from Top 40 to hip hop to house.

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